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101 2 _UID 5d58def063dc11e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb08151eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0f89da1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Green, Thomas / Talbot, Mary Eleanor, Catherine (F614)
102 2 _UID 5d58def0659711e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac9af811eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0cb7ea1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: of France (Carolingian), Charles Charles II le Chauve, the Bald, King of the West Franks, Emperor of the West Franks / de Orleans, Ermentrude (F401)
103 2 _UID 5d58def06621d1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acccd351eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0446bf1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Foster, Maxwell Reginald / Midgley, Pearl (F506)
104 2 _UID 5d58def06645d1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac8ff8d1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c04fe1c1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: O'Sullivan, Nicholas John / Talbot, Esther Ellen (F639)
105 2 _UID 5d58def0676001e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac4d2b51eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0b57ec1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, William / Goudge, Mahala Frances (F38)
106 2 _UID 5d58def0679041e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acd6aed1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c013b8a1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Foster, Edgar Harvey / Taylor, Jean Bowmont (F492)
107 2 _UID 5d58def067e051e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb0da81eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0b86471eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Foster, Edgar Arnold / Harvey, Elsie May Elizabeth (F13)
108 2 _UID 5d58def0688f01e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac497b21eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0d3a681eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Jenkinson, John / Tank, Elizabeth (F102)
109 2 _UID 5d58def06a2f81e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acc3c861eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0f7eb41eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Meek, Arthur William / Hodges, Athalia Medina (F523)
110 2 _UID 5d58def06b6e51e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acf6cdf1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0121d21eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Rasmussen, Hans / Botten, Agnes Pauline Julia (F17)
111 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Derby, Kenneth William / Talbot, Sylvia Faye (F695)
112 2 _UID 5d58def0726611e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb52f01eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c05ff131eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Botten, Thomas / Woollett, Susanna (F94)
113 2 _UID 5d58def0736aa1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac1cec31eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0efddc1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Brea, James / Eade, Ricnow (F183)
114 2 _UID 5d58def07516a1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac10cd31eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c050bad1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Scott, James / Miller, Agnes (F63)
115 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Marchant, Leigh Raymond / Spirenberg, E (F530)
116 2 _UID 5d58def0761b71e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac1ff951eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c09e4ef1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Leggo, Arthur Frederick / Coombe, Dulcie Ruth (F498)
117 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Foster, Raymond Maxwell / Burke, Robin (F526)
118 2 _UID 5d58def077aae1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acab1631eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0afd451eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Porter, Durward Crompton / Mudge, Airdrie Joy (F500)
119 2 _UID 5d58def07b71d1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acff8c11eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c08818d1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Hansford Snr., John Edward / Talbot, May Blanche (F41)
120 2 _UID 5d58def07cd231e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac2a4701eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c02f7991eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Beauclerc Plantagenet, Henry I I / England, Nesta Verch Rhyss Queenof (F314)
121 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Delaney, Dennis Brian / Talbot, Gloria May (F701)
122 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Talbot, Robert Bruce / Watt, Lucille Ann (F703)
123 2 _UID 5d58def07f64f1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ace677a1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0239fd1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Yorke, Thomas / Waldron, Eleanor (F211)
124 2 _UID 5d58def08226e1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac51a4c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0ed99d1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: de Flanders, Count of Flanders, Baldwin II II / (F389)
125 2 _UID 5d58def083c241e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac8227f1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c05d77a1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Edhouse, Robert Henry / Coppin, Mary (F113)
126 2 _UID 5d58def0842e61e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5aca1feb1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0a536d1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Rouget, Thomas Edward / Moullin, Martha (F124)
127 2 _UID 5d58def0854831e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac3ae991eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c04250e1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Foster, Kenneth Graham / Talbot, Ivy Agnes (F5)
128 2 _UID 5d58def085d031e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac1a2381eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0bfe2b1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Taylor, William / Elizabeth (F198)
129 2 _UID 5d58def086eae1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac43e721eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c06b5851eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Williams, Jack Nelson / Talbot, Mavis Leslie (F685)
130 2 _UID 5d58def0875731e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac285ea1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0604481eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: De Boullers, Baldwin / De Falaise, Sybolia (F290)
131 2 _UID 5d58def0889d11e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac5daca1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0947911eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Charles Raymond / Southcombe, Vida Adelaide (F362)
132 2 _UID 5d58def088d2d1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acf13321eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0c03b01eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Rouget, Henry / Quartier, Susan (F84)
133 2 _UID 5d58def0895e31e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac6154d1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0490821eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Ellis, Thomas Charles Francis / Hanne, Audrey (F205)
134 2 _UID 5d58def08a1651e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb124a1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c013a251eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, William Thomas / McGivern, Mary Ann (F635)
135 2 _UID 5d58def08ae8f1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac4db9f1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c023f791eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Beauclerc Plantagenet, Henry I I / Barbastus, Adeliza Du Louvain (F317)
136 2 _UID 5d58def08b5521e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac8814f1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0a23ea1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Snead, James Richard / Cragg, Margaret (F719)
137 2 _UID 5d58def08c0861e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac4131c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0e1a671eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Nicholas, David / Russell, Alice (F165)
138 2 _UID 5d58def08e28b1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac87fd21eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c06d09a1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Charlemagne / Fastrada (F413)
139 2 _UID 5d58def08e7d81e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac5b6521eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0fc2311eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Bowyer, Thomas / Ling, Mary (F147)
140 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Foster, Geoffrey Colin / Begley, Margaret Joan (F509)
141 2 _UID 5d58def090ce71e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acef2541eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c02e6fd1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Masen, Rasmus / Nielsdatter, Karen (F49)
142 2 _UID 5d58def0915ac1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acf861c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0980751eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Scott, James / Adams, Helen Racheal (F23)
143 2 _UID 5d58def0923bc1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac41b7a1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c06ddcc1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, John Samuel / Martin, Mary (F74)
144 2 _UID 5d58def096dc01e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac9a7e71eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0308911eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Beauchamp, Walter Walcheline / Mortimer, Joan (Isabel Joane-Isabel De Mortimer ) (F287)
145 2 _UID 5d58def0985551e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acf7d3c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0640491eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Drury, Nicholas / Heath, Joan (F240)
146 2 _UID 5d58def098cff1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac9090c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0f86301eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Berenguer II II / Tuscan, Willa (F378)
147 2 _UID 5d58def0991621e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac547821eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0366511eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: De Flanders, Arnoul II / Rosele (F355)
148 2 _UID 5d58def099e881e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac3b17b1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0638cb1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Francis Gordon / Semmens, Margaret Doreen (F628)
149 2 _UID 5d58def09aa0e1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acad7681eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0579961eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Engaine, Vitalis / Montgomery, Rohese (F270)
150 2 _UID 5d58def09aa871e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb07bc1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0900471eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Edhouse, Robert Henry / Belcham, Phoebe Phillis (F72)

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