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1 "Brilliant rock" mine, injured when pieces of rock fell from ascending bucket, two fingers broken. State Library Queensland Index of Mining Acidents. Bushnie, Frederick Edward (I501123)
2 "Donnchad son of Mael Coluim, king of Scotland, was treacherously killed by his own brothers Domnall and Edmond", although killed in battle by Máel Petair of Mearns, it is believed Duncan II's death was ordered by Donald III and Edmund. Edmund's own brothers certainly believed this. Dunkeld mac Maíl Coluim, Edmund I (I3108)
3 "La Corneillie" from Toulose, France. Name also may be Bushine Bonchanie, Frederick Edward (I1363)
4 # 38. In Registry Office Register. Registry Births Deaths & Marriages(VIC.# 4776) Family: McQualter, Andrew Cameron / Evans, Susannah (F501619)
5 (1878 - 1950) Wilkinson, Daisy Gertrude (I506902)
6 *'''The Visitations of the County of Devon: Comprising the Herald's Visitations ... By College of Arms (Great Britain)on+1467&source=bl&ots=whHzN1T59P&sig=JK0PGjYO2QMFN8xcLw9t13hbOcM&hl=en&ei=b2rwTY2cBJGisQPhg_ShDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAjhG#v=onepage&q=moore&f=falseMOORHAYS. Stawell of Cothelston. ; ch: Nicholas, John (m. Elizabeth Clivedon) Moore.livedon of Willond, extrix. of her husband's will, d. 1515, M.I. ; ch: Richard, Margaret (m. John Walrond), John (3 son), William (m. Dorothy Trowbridge), Phillip (5 son), Morris (m. Cicely Bonville) Moore.John Walrond of Bradfield.llip More, 5 son, named in his father's will. = ch: Margery (m. Humphrey Berry) More.lle, and Alice, da. and coh. of William Dennis of Comb Raleigh, otherwise called Come Coffyn, and widow of Thomas Wivell of Crediton, remar. James Note of London, vide ped. ante, page 103. ; ch: (Pg.573 Christopher (m. Joan Hawkins), Humphrie (m. Anne Pollard), Elizabeth (m. Richard Marshall), Eleyn (m. Bartholomew Fortescue) Moore.)Bartholomew Fortescue, vide ped. ante, page 353.phrie Moore of Moore Hayes, d. 20 Aug. 1537, M.I. = Anne, Da. of Sir Lewis Pollard of Nimpton, Kt., Justice of the Common Pleas 1515. ; ch: Jeane, Jane, Ellen (m. Gregory Sidenham), George, Roger, James, Henry, Sr. John (m. Katherine Pomeroy) Moore.ldest da. of Sir Piers Edgecombe, will 26 Apl. 1606, pro. Archd. Ct., Exeter. ; ch: Mary, Grace, Susan, Plezie, Dorothy, Jane, Gawen, Amias, Henry, Alexander, George, Charles, John, '''Humphrey (m. Mary Bamfield)''' Moore. Ellinor, da. of . . . Kirk of Northampton. Adm. to her husband. ; A quo Moore of Norfolk and London.o Amias Bamfeild of Poltimore, remar. the Rev. Richard Bowden, Parson of Okehampton, vide Bampfield ped. ante, page 39. ; ch:''' Elizabeth (m. John Berrge), Grace, Giles (m. Barbara Willinge), Thomas, Gawin (m. Katherine Dowrish), Sir John (m. Cicilye Sneg & Mary Coffin) Moore. Bamfield, Maria (I503047)
7 *Arthur CHAMPERNOWNE (Esq.) un 1598 61) (m. Alice Addington) igh) es) NOWNE (Esq.)1e, Esq. Their Children 1st Sir Francis, who married Ann heir of Bernard Samways Esqr of Toller Dorset 2nd William, 3rd Thomas, 4th Bridget married to Arthur Champerknowne Esqr of Dartington; 5th Elizabeth married to John Berriman Esq, 6th Ann, married to John Sydenham, of Somersetorial# 28425491 Bamfield, Ursula (I503048)
8 ..."Son of John Fitz, MP and Mary Fitz Husband of Gertrude Courtenay Father of Walter Abraham Fitts, I and Mary Fitz Brother of Honor Carnsewehn Fitz", (b 1556), (see above) and a "Gertrude Courtenay" in Tavistock, Devon. This couple is listed as the parents of a" Walter Fitts", born about 1577, who in turn is listed as the parent of a "Bridget Fitts", born about 1614, a "Robert Fitts" (see above), and a "Richard Fitts", all of Tavistock, Devonshire. (Walter's wife'sname is not mentioned, but marriage record dated as being around 1600).hire, instead of Walter Fitts and his un-named wife?born about 1558, Tavistock, Devon, the daughter of a William Courtenay.rtenay (married 1575).Is "John Fitz" a relative/brother of "Walter Fitts/Fitz", who also married a Courtenay family member? Very confusing !!!!I am going under my first evidence that Bridget Fitts is a daughter of Walter and his un-named wife, and that Bridget Fitts, our ancestor perhaps was named after an Aunt, named Bridget Mary Gertrude Courtenay..." - Elwin John Mehlbrech, II Fitz, Sir John (I504676)
9 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:01:46 GMT+10  (I3072)
10 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:15:58 GMT+10 Elisabeth (I2989)
11 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:15:58 GMT+10 Luttrell, Juliana (I2990)
12 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:15:58 GMT+10 Luttrell, John (I2991)
13 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:18:20 GMT+10 Smith, Emily (I2900)
14 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:18:22 GMT+10 Sturdy, Elizabeth (I2715)
15 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:18:43 GMT+10 Gertrud (I2652)
16 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 11:23:12 GMT+10 Millner, Robert (I2714)
17 1 _UPD 6 JAN 2022 14:33:05 GMT+10 Unknown (I3087)
18 1 _UPD 9 AUG 2020 22:11:20 GMT+10 Wife of Childebrand I (I2903)
19 1 Ellington Street Caulfield South, Victoria 3162 Australia 03 9533 0013 ian@ian-foster.com Source (S45)
20 1030-HSV Courtenay, Gertrude (I504489)
21 113,834 Sir Giles Bridges, b. circa 1470 in England, d. 1 Dec 1511 in Cobberley, Gloucestershire, England. 113,835 Isabel Baynham, b. circa 1479 in England, d. after 1511 http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/w/o/Alvin-K-Swonger/FILE/0009text.txt http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=118879881 Baynham, Isabel (I504372)
22 11623 / 1907 Kells, Henry (I505855)
23 13 children Honig, Augusta Amalie (I138)
24 147B1- Ollivier, Marie (I505191)
25 151B17-9 Quertier, Guillaume (I505188)
26 151B18-10 Quertier, Elizabeth (I505189)
27 158F-0RQ deAudley, Robert (I504370)
28 17092 Victoria Saunders, Ellen (I505627)
29 1874 aged 45 living in Hendra Hocking, William (I501019)
30 18KH-P4T Fitz, Walter (I504491)
31 18KH-P52 Sampson, Mary (I504492)
32 1CSV-VB Fitz, Walter (I504490)
33 1st Marriage for Frances Deborah Family: Short, William Foster / Rush Short Gresswell, Frances Deborah (F765)
34 2 _UID 5d58def0118711e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac5cbc21eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0b23971eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Frederick / Brownlow, Carol (F637)
35 2 _UID 5d58def013f2f1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acb67fc1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0a45e61eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Henry Walter Diss / Hinkley, Millicent Edna (F633)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Talbot, Peter Joseph / Dougal, Terri (F711)
37 2 _UID 5d58def015ecc1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac200081eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c02a7af1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Henry / Brown, Elizabeth (F149)
38 2 _UID 5d58def0185301e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac72d4b1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c01343b1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Torbert (Talbot), John / Bowyer, Sarah (F115)
39 2 _UID 5d58def01a9bc1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac900451eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c02d0c71eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Beauclerc Plantagenet, Henry I I / De Tracy, Gieva (F312)
40 2 _UID 5d58def01b1721e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acfac591eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0ef5d91eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Harvey, John / Mill, Joan (F172)
41 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Talbot, Jeffrey Clifford / Forte, Patrizia Gina (F715)
42 2 _UID 5d58def02091a1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac1254c1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0801951eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Beauclerc Plantagenet, Henry I I / Atheling, Eadgith Matilda Maud, Edith (F311)
43 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: Talbot, William Arthur / Burke, Joan Winifred (F694)
44 2 _UID 5d58def021ac21e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac5882a1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0e10de1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Talbot, Hugh / Manley, Mary (F727)
45 2 _UID 5d58def021d2d1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5acde6251eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c040a7f1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: de Beauchamp, Lord of Elmley Castle, William IV III / Mauduit, Joan Isabel de (F280)
46 2 _UID 5d58def02547a1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5accb2bb1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c0abcd31eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Webster, John / Beeton, Hannah (F103)
47 2 _UID 5d58def025b541e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac1d7251eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c01e44e1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Dodd, Samual / Death, Mary (F121)
48 2 _UID 5d58def0264001e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac78e7b1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c015c291eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Brereton, John David / Hobson, Emma (F717)
49 2 _UID 5d58def0267131e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ac3c8921eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c093fd71eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: Ellis, John / Taylor, Catherine (F175)
50 2 _UID 5d58def028dfe1e99371bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e33b5ace740f1eabf39bc5ff4fb8ee42 _UID 5e3508c01f52a1eabf36bc5ff4fb8ee4 Family: fitz Osbern, William / von Egisheim, Richilde (F381)

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