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Searching for all Foster links in Lincolnshire (New Sleaford), Talbot links in Suffolk (Great Thurlow) . Harvey - Hervey and permutations in Cornwall.

These areas are generalised and not restricted specifically to them. My Foster links take me back to William Foster b1754 (Lincolnshire).
The son of William Foster (b1754), William Foster (b1790 Lincolnshire), married on 31 July 1821 (New Sleaford, Lincolnshire) to Sarah Tomblin (There are many surname variations such as Tomlin, Tamlin, Tamblin, Tomblan ).

The known children from the marriage of William Foster and Sarah Tomblin are William (b1823), Thomas (b1826), John (b1829), Francis (b1834), Tomblin (b1836) and Sarah (b1838).
Family anecdotal history has two more daughters in this family but this is not as yet confirmed.
Son, Thomas Foster (b1826) (Holdingham, Linc), married Anne Jenkinson 27 June 1847 in New Sleaford and of their known 11 children, William (b19 July 1848), was born in Lincolnshire (New Sleaford) prior to emigrating to Australia.

Foster surname / family name variations such as Forestarius, Forrester, Forester & Forster exist and are prominent in the early parts of this research

The Talbot family group line ends with John Talbot (Torbert) b 22 Aug 1778, Great Thurlow, Suffolk, Son of John Talbot (Snr.)(b1755 - d1790)) and Sarah Bowyer (b1750-d1824) who were married on 13 Oct 1775 in Great Thurlow, Suffolk.
There were three confirmed sons of this union, Samuel Talbot, John Talbot & Henry Talbot.
William Talbot (b1780) seems to be also a child of this marriage according to one registrar. John Torbert / Talbot (Snr) appears out of the mists of history past and into the Great Thurlow landscape with no discernable trail, family or history.
Did he come from an adjoining Shire or County? Did he make the great trek from across the other side of England somewhere? Is he just the first recorded Talbot in Thurlow from a long line of unlisted and unrecorded family?

Are the records for this family amongst some of the many that have vanished for all time due to lack of care, accident or are yet to be unearthed by some skillful researcher?

These questions have been asked for nigh on 30 years without a satisfactory answer!!!

The Talbot spelling variations include: Talbot , Talbott , Talbut , Talbart , Talbert , Torbert , Tubert , Taulbert , Taulbut , Tobutt , Tobitt and almost countless variations of the above.

These are the current areas of research and where the proverbial "Brick Walls" are.

"Friedrich Louis Honig" (b 13 Oct 1813 - Hanover?) immigrated to Australia on the ship, Herder in 1851.

He came to Australia with two daughters and one son but the shipping documents state "Wife did not Sail"

I believe the databases of the Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) State archives have the following family.

Carl Friedrich Louis Hinig (Honig), 37 1/2 y. old, miner from Wildemann* emigated via Bremen to Port Adelaide in 1851 on board the sailing ship Herder (Captain Von Hagen) which left Bremen on June 4, 1851 and arrived in Port Adelaide on September 21, 1851.

. He emigrated with three children, namely:

Auguste Amalie Honig b August 2, 1836
Dorothea Juliane Honig b June 27, 1838
Georg Friedrich Ernst Honig b January 30, 1841
His wife, nee Steinbrueck stayed behind. he had been separated from his wife.

This data was extracted from the record of the so called "Oberbergamt" Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Fach 154.

The record about the emigration of Carl Friedrich Louis Honig and his three children is located in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, a branch archive of the Hannover State Archive

Searching also for family of "Leiba Gouzenfiter 1915 - 1986" & "Asya Gor 1925 - 2005" (Brest - Poland- Russia). During WW2 many were victims of the Holocaust, some escaped to USA, Australia, New Zealand and other safe places.
Many of the survivors also managed to leave their homeland after the war or after the Chernobyl disaster

Full DNA testing has been completed for Ian Talbot Foster

MtDNA = H1b1-T16362C
yDNA Haplogroup = R-Z8

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